The Seven Lethal Sins: Knights of Britannia Overview – Filled with Sins, Missing Depth


Bandai Namco is at it as soon as extra with however another recreation in response to a popular-anime sequence. The Seven Lethal Sins: Knights of Britannia is the first console recreation in response to the manga and anime sequence with the same establish.

The recreation is aimed towards every fanatics of the anime and learners to the sequence as a result of it tells the same story throughout the first two seasons of the anime sequence. The first downside with The Seven Lethal Sins is that it tries to be additional difficult than it in reality is and the stopping style thought adopted is a long way from being clear and easy to know.

Though the net recreation is in response to a popular anime sequence, the story doesn’t get pleasure from a high stage of polish throughout cutscenes. You’ll greater than doubtless perceive the lip-syncing is a little bit of off and there may be not lots going down in these scenes apart from for some dialogs.

Clearly The Seven Lethal Sins isn’t the most efficient Bandai Namco franchise, nevertheless it’s a first fee first recreation that optimistically may be superior in a future sequel.


The Seven Lethal Sins: Knight of Britannia tells the story of a young, runaway princess who’s going by the use of the establish of Elizabeth. After a coup d’etat ruthlessly completed by the use of a gaggle known as the Holy Knights, the princess of the Liones Kingdom embarks on a lethal journey to go looking out the Seven Lethal Sins, the group that might successfully oppose the Holy Knights.

The primary member of the Seven Lethal Sins workers that Elizabeth meets, Meliodas will come alongside all by all the journey since he’s the one one that has an idea the place his buddies could possibly be.

Meliodas and Elizabeth - first encounter

Meliodas and Elizabeth – first bump into

Even so, with a goal to find the Seven Lethal Sins and the Holy Knights, avid players ought to purchase ample information and hearsay related to their actions and possible locations. As a way to get that, you’ll have to perform flashy battle strikes throughout battles, which in return will reward you with so-called Gossip Factors on the Enchantment Counter.

Apart from the Story mode that you simply simply get began with, avid players can also try a Duel mode, which lets them drawback one in every of their buddies in a single vs. one battles. As you progress into the story, you’ll have the ability to launch additional characters for the Duel mode.

Traveling the world of Britannia

Touring the sector of Britannia

Oh, and must you ignored Hawk, the good little pig is a excellent persona throughout the recreation and provides an excellent improve place in your workers throughout fights and quirky dialogs when he appears in cutscenes.

The narrative throughout the The Seven Lethal Sins doesn’t merely look simple and simple, it in reality is inconspicuous, so don’t expect any plot twists or surprises all by your journey. Extra so must you’ve already noticed the anime sequence.


The Seven Lethal Sins builders have opted for a stopping style gameplay, so that you’ll have the ability to be pressured to wreck your controller’s buttons to maneuver throughout the recreation. The Journey mode might have you ever touring spherical a map of Britannia, a world that’s similar to the European Center Ages, in search for the Holy Knights and the Seven Lethal Sins.

Apart from the first quests that you simply’ll have the ability to wish to complete to advance the story, there are two completely different styles of quests: facet quests and field quests. The previous are important since it’d in all probability offer you additional Gossip Factors that show you how to uncover the Holy Knights and Seven Lethal Sins whereabouts.

The Area Quests are only important to complete in the event you want to craft certain Magic Gadgets since they web you the substances wished. You possibly can find among the substances after ending certain Aspect Quests as neatly, so you’ll not be missing a lot skipping Area Quests excluding some button wreck teaching.

The workers in the back of the game have decided to include some RPG elements as neatly, nevertheless the recreation could be with out them. An excessively huge and complex enhance tree is obtainable from the game’s main menu, which helps you to launch numerous magic items for each of the characters available, you in all probability have the important substances. What I did like is the reality that you simply’ll enhance the Boar’s Hat, Meliodas’ comfy inn that travels with you all by your adventures.

The magic item tree

The magic merchandise tree

Every undertaking throughout the recreation requires avid players to fight a particular amount of enemies or a single boss. The simplest distinction between the two styles of enemies is that bosses don’t take an extreme quantity of customary harm, so you’ll have to stagger them by the use of attacking them many times after which get began pounding them for precise harm.

Even though the combo strikes don’t appear to be that arduous to achieve, for some cause why the normal assaults (gentle and heavy) do additional harm and before these specific strikes or spells. The battle is the place the game fails mostly, since strikes don’t appear to be as fluid as I’d expect from a stopping recreation.

The recreation got me pissed off dozens of situations due to its clunky controls and absence of fluidity. Each time I try and switch to a model new objective, it takes a pair of seconds for my persona to react, so I keep pounding the air until the game involves a call that it’s time to switch on to a model new objective.

Sure, the mixtures are easy to achieve, nevertheless Seven Lethal Sins permits your completely different teammate to enter the fray of struggle and help you to win sooner whenever you fill a particular gauge. I’ve in no way been prepared to pull that switch off, though I contemplate it’s the truth is possible to execute.

Graphics and audio

Sadly, visuals and sound are another aspect that the game fails to realize above cheap. The soundtrack left me totally icy since it’s as generic as a result of it could be. I’m shocked the tune throughout the recreation is thus far in the back of the one throughout the anime sequence, nevertheless I assume that’s one factor fanatics ought to do with out.

Meliodas, leader of the Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas, chief of the Seven Lethal Sins

As far as graphics go, I can’t say it’s higher than okay. The work is nearly conservative and in admire to the anime, nevertheless animations and lip-syncing throughout cutscenes and fights go away to be need.

The Good

  • A number of content material materials reduce up between Journey and Duel modes
  • Accessible for learners to stopping video video games
  • Good work

The Unhealthy

  • Clunky controls
  • Uninteresting story with little depth
  • Complicated battle machine
  • Graphics and soundtrack are subpar


If you happen to intend on getting into The Seven Lethal Sins, I think about you’ll have the ability to be observing the anime sequence and that’s the reason it. Sadly, the game does to not the anime and arrange sequence any justice, because it form of feels considerably unpolished and a little bit of rushed. Apart from the quite a few problems with the controls and battle machine, the game will not be fascinating ample to make it worthwhile, to not level out that fanatics of the anime sequence will find it immediately uninteresting.

It’s clearly not the most efficient recreation in response to an anime/mange sequence outed by the use of Bandai Namco and I don’t see any attainable for the franchise. The concept, gameplay and almost every completely different aspect of the game will not be fascinating ample to justify a sequel.

Maybe if the next video video games have been to maneuver to a completely different directions, I’d check out another Seven Lethal Sins recreation, nevertheless until then, I can’t recommend it to somebody who’s already noticed the anime sequence.


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