9 Ways The Simpsons Could End


When will The Simpsons end? That could be a question that lovers had been asking given that flip of the millennium when all people’s favourite animated sequence took a grow to be embarrassed ridiculousness. It seems to be like every six months or so some story or each different turns up with a tangentially-related authorities vaguely citing the show’s end, even when the show itself shows no sign of halting.

In reality, for many who ask some lovers, the show ended years previously and has been stumbling spherical an insignificant husk of itself for nigh on 20 years (for a very attention-grabbing, and intensely thorough analysis of the way points tanked check out this enlightening essay entitled Zombie Simpsons).

Nonetheless regardless of the way you’re feeling, an way more thrilling question is how will The Simpsons end? The show has been working for longer than one other scripted prime-time sequence, and even when there’s been an unlimited top quality dip in its latter half (neatly, two-thirds now), ending it poorly may very well be a far bigger mar of the sequence’ whole legacy.

So what are the possibilities? Well, listed below are 9 of most likely essentially the most intriguing, from massive plot to turns to pretty depressing inevtiabilities.

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